Sunday, 27 March 2011

Rudder and Sanding

Rudder or no Rudder? Opinion on rudders & kayaks appears a little divided. For me, I decided the preference was if I was going to fit one, I wanted it to be at the build stage before the kayak was finally assembled. This appeared to be the way to get the neatest job. I also decided on buying a commercially designed fitting with some 'proper' engineering. Smart Track appeared to be the one for me so it was ordered and delivered from across the Pond. Even had the pleasure of paying duty before customs would release it (which was a cost addition which I had overlooked). The fitting looks well designed and strong and folds up out of the way when not required. I purchased from this link Finally a day off work coincides with dry weather and the opportunity to take the kayak outside to sand down the epoxy. All sorts of health and safety warnings I regularly ignore, but I had no intention of mixing my lungs with fine epoxy dust in a confined space!

So 'the Kayak' has temporarily lost its sparkle and shine as the epoxy gloss is lost, to be later replaced with some tough 2-pack gloss varnish.

The deck is still separate from the hull until the inside of the hull and underneath of the deck get varnished. Roll on spring and some varnishing type temperatures. This build has now been going (I think) for nine months or so, (on and off), so time to get out on the water!

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The Happy Camper said...

Looking forward to seeing him out on the water very soon...!