Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Rainy Day gets the Cockpit Collar Completed

A rainy day finally sees the sixty piece Ash collar around the cockpit shaped and finished. There has been almost as much work in this as the whole of the rest of the deck (or this is how it feels). Worth it in the end though.

The mahogany 'keystones' nicely divide up the pieces of Ash in the top laminate. All in all, nine layers of 3mm build up the height off the deck.

Yes we really have finished this part of the build. Now back to fitting out the rest of the kayak and once some warmer weather arrives it will be on with the varnish and out on the water!

Not a bad weekend, kayak building today and yesterday the first paddle of the season for my wife and I, this time in two of the plastic members of the fleet. And very good to see the ice has gone from the water!

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