Monday, 2 May 2011

Varnishing at last

Varnishing at last!

The final coat! Next 'fitting out' and then in couple of weeks will be the first opportunity for 'launch day' with a bit of luck.

This is also the time for making up some of the small components both in wood and metal. Above is a brass plate to protect the pointed bow from any future knocks. This was shaped from a straight bar and then heated and bent around a former of the correct shape. Below is a lifting toggle for the stern end.

The dull sanded surface of the epoxy takes a sheen again with the start of 5 coats of two pack varnish.

'Stacking' layers for varnishing the inside of the hull and underside of deck in one operation. No room to spread out horizontally, so vertically is the only way!

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LeslieB said...

very nice resolute, Jonathan. I am stripping one right now. I saw your question a couple of years ago on the Bear Mountain builders forum about whether a rudder was a good addition to the resolute. I see from your blog that you decided to add one. What advice would you give now? I am really struggling with this decision and would appreciate your experience!