Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bear Mountain Kayak

Time for another boat build!

On and off through the summer we have been working on building a 16'6" Resolute strip plank kayak from the Bear Mountain design catalogue.

'Swift' my home built sailing canoe also on this blog, was made using a completely different construction technique (lapstrake, epoxy clinker). So this strip planking in western red cedar and some yellow pine, sanded smooth and then sheathed in glass and epoxy is all new to us.

Cutting the rebate for the final outer plank is a fairly demanding job to get a good looking result. So far so good.

A scaffold frame around the kayak allows temporary timbers and wedges to hold each plank in place while the glue dries (without messing the deck up with staple holes).

The hull is finally turned over to start forming the deck around the moulds, which for now are still left within the hull.

The glass sheathing seemed to go OK and provides a hard wearing but clear finish over the timber. It will gain even more strength once the hull is glassed on the inside.

Once sanded smooth, everything needs to be clean before glassing the hull.

The planks go on, one by one around the station moulds.

The stems are laminated up in oak and held in position with the rest of the mould structure.

Each mould is cut to the exact shape and carefully set out in exactly the right position on the strongback. A mistake here will end up with a strange looking (and poor performing) kayak, so it's worth taking some time and care over this stage.

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Another masterpiece in progress. It's looking very good indeed!