Saturday, 17 October 2009

Launch Day

Launch day finally arrives

Weather and launch went perfectly, the sails for the Gunter rig set the Iain Oughtred designed MacGegor canoe off perfectly. I remained the right way up and out of the water for the duration and 'Swift' lived up to her name.
Nothing of course ever quite ends as planned in boatbuilding and my reluctance to risk damaging the varnished deck by over strapping the canoe down to the trailer was to have disastrous results. 'Swift' I noticed (after the launch) had damage to her hull, where she had lifted and must have slammed down onto a point load on the trailer rollers. I have now learnt a difficult lesson in this respect and boat building has now instantly moved to boat repair.
On a more positive note, she is a fine little boat and once over this frustration and what we intend to be an invisable repair, I'm now up for some winter sailing.

How could I let this happen.


Strathkanchris said...

At last! - Many congratulations on a fine build, she looks absolutely gorgeous and I am delighted you stayed dry. Heartfelt commiserations on the damage, I guess one of the benefits of a painted hull is the ability to do an invisible repair, was the break anywhere near the bulkheads? I would have expected enough spring in the hull to absorb the shock anywhere else. How did you find the leeboard on its length od string - was it effective or did you need a decent flow of water before it worked? It would be great to see her at one of the HBBR Rallies - an opportunity to sail a pair together.
Fair Winds

Tomy said...

Wow, she's beautiful. Those sails look fantastic. Congratulations on the build.


Jonathan said...

Thanks for your comments Chris and Thomas - "At last indeed".

Yes I will keep an eye out for the HBBR Rallies. I need some more breeze before fully testing the leeboard and yes, you are correct that the damage is near the bulkhead.

A further question from me (to Chris) how responsive do you find the rudder and is it big enough? Very early days for me and I can see she will hold a course well, but she took a little convincing to turn.


Strathkanchris said...

I am hardly the right person to advise on sailing technique having done precious little myself. Whenever I have tried there has either been too much wind or none at all. My rudder is the fixed one, the lifting version is on the to do some day list, and it is plenty big enough - makes all the difference in paddling mode when there is a bit of wind. I found mine tended to weathercock, probably due to my lack of competence.
I suspect the length of the boat and the absence of a fixed CB means there is nothing to pivot round so she will inevitably be slow coming about. I was just reading the article on sailing the Chebacco in the current Watercraft (p23) where it is suggested that backing the mizzen when tacking makes a difference. might be worth a try. As for HBBR rallies, the next is not far away from you - an Amble up the Hamble on 7th Nov (weather permitting), too far for me but there will be some nice people there.