Sunday, 13 September 2009

A boat trailer for Swift

Checking the masts still fit

Introducing the 'lightweight' trailer. Two thirds of the way through the build I finally accepted the canoe was not going to be a car top model (it had grown too heavy!). We designed a trailer and went to a local agricultural engineer for the chasis to be welded up. A fine trailer it is, but the theme of heavy has continued with this element of the project. So trailer replaces roof rack and tractor may now be added to the canoe accessory list.

Wheels, loading rollers and towbar, all bolted on.

In case this entry gives the impression all is complete and ready for launching, not quite. Some annoying runs in the deck varnish now need rubbing out and further coats of varnish applied. Also some further fitting out yet.

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Vaga Valley said...

Don't forget that, in addition to the canoe's accessories, the local lanes may need widening, the bends smoothing out and our garden enlarging for storing the new lightweight trailer to say nothing of the masterpiece itself! ;o)

Looking forward to the launch...