Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Floors & Knees

Floors and knees now in place. As the weight increases with each component, thoughts of car top transport are now being replaced by trailer designs. Not part of the original plan!

A watertight boxing is formed around the mast positions in the forward and aft deck. Copper tube is then set in place to drain any water which will come through the mast holes and take it back into the cockpit. Hopefully this leaves us with watertight bouyancy (and storage) areas forward and aft.

I even get to start bulding the folding rudder - progress indeed. Now to find the bronze fittings to match.

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Sailing Widow Wife said...

This 'simple' winter pastime has developed into a much larger project than I ever envisaged - although I always said you'd never lift the finished canoe onto your car roof single-handed. The trailer is a much better and more practical idea.