Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hog & Stems

Hog & Stems

Indestructible epoxy - epoxy stronger than the wood! Not so! When I cut through the laminated stems to form the scarf to join the hog to, the glue line failed on the uppermost laminate and it sprung apart. Not a huge problem as the addition of more components will only serve to strengthen this, but surprising.


Strathkanchris said...

Sounds a bit like a starved joint, did you get a good squeeze of thickened epoxy out of the joints? the alternative could be cold epoxy - I have found that if the resin chills it can fail to mix properly giving variable cure strength through the joint. A great boat - keep the update running. Assume from the price you are using super elite, in which case please consider a bright finished boat, the quality of the grain deserves it.

Jonathan said...

I agree - a starved joint I think. The cramping pressure had to be sufficient to bring the strips into the former. Next time may either need to cut some small grooves for the epoxy to 'hide' in or move to a different adhesive for this particular job.

Yes super elite and I plan to combine a paint and bright finish (decks and trims bright and hull painted)