Sunday, 9 November 2008

Second strakes

Second strakes

Having fitted the second garboard plank, the second strakes are also now shaped and fitted. When it finally came to gluing and we had managed to increase the temperature up to 'melting point' and with epoxy mixed and planks coated, all suddenly went dark. We were left in a pitch black workshop with the epoxy rapidly curing on the planks which we had spent most of the weekend cutting and shaping. Epoxying and power cuts definitely don’t mix, but fortunately light was soon restored and the planks were quickly clamped into place.

Cutting the gain – working in 4mm ply all of this needs to be fairly precise. The rolling bevel cut on each of the planks to accommodate the changing angles of the hull shape, then moves into a rebate. This ensures the plank thickness remains at 4mm by the time it hits the inner stem.

Note the clamps and wedges, these worked well as a method of holding the bevels together when gluing. Even if making up 60 or so pairs did take some time (allowing a plank each side to be glued up, on the same day).

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